Longmont Residents Fighting for Air Quality

The following photographs show particulate matter escaping from the SouthDown, Inc., cement processing plant in Lyons.
The Watchdogs started photographing these clouds in September 1997.

The last 2 photographs show fugitive dust from a baghouse pit at the South end of the plant.
Since these photographs were taken, our efforts have resulted in increased government pressure on Southdown Corporation, which as since covered its baghouse dust in the "old" quarry (which has been blowing into our homes and lungs) and install a sprinkler system to contain the dust in the "new" quarry.

August 18, 1998

The day of the meeting between the Watchdogs, local residents, and five Southdown managers. The fugitive baghouse dust cloud is heavy around the plant and has started escaping into the valley.

August 8, 1998

The fugitive baghouse dust cloud has been brewing long enough for a thick cloud to escape the site.
What's in this stuff anyway?
Has Southdown Corporation analyzed it?
Has the State of Colorado characterized it?

July 1998

These photographs show a fugitive dust cloud forming and then escaping from the Southdown cement processing site.

May 1998

A view from the neighborhood...

Where's our view of the mountains?

December 1997

How long can you hold your breath?

September 1997

This cloud is in violation of the 20% opacity regulation. The cement plant has obliterated
itself in its own fugitive dust cloud.

Who's next? Well, after obliterating itself from view, it looks like this neighboring farm to the North is just about to disappear from view.

Baghouse dust pits at the South end of the plant.

After residents complaints, media exposure in local newspapers, and a directive from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Southdown Corporation covered these pits -- it still took 91 days after the directive for Southdown to comply.

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