Known Incidents and Failures at the Cement Plant

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Letter from Richard Cargill, April 2004...

Note: This page does NOT contain the entire history of reports, there have been many others.
Also, there is still an issue with what is happening at night when residents cannot see or photograph fugitive dust.

April 2004
April 15, 2004
approximately 8:45 p.m.
Cemex is in the process of filing a "catastrophic failure report" with the Air Pollution Control Division.
Three residents reported seeing a "huge" dust event at Cemex. The residents called in complaints to the Boulder County Health Department and the State Air Pollution Control Division.
April 18, 04 12:20 p.m. dust events
April 19, 04 7:15 p.m. dust plume
April 20, 04 9:30 a.m. This dust events was reported [******** ] received two stories from Cemex: 1 Spray tower problems. Personnel were watering it down. 2. Later. Incident had nothing to do with spray tower. Personnel were cleaning up a dust pile on the ground.

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